Revisions and Deletions

Power of Words

I spent part of the weekend skimming over some older posts on this site. We are talking posts that date back 5 years. It is nice to see how far I have developed with work. At the same time, there were a few posts I was not happy looking back on. Material that I would have written differently now and could easily modernize with some revision. A few of those posts were read over, then swiftly deleted. Sure one could read the time stamps and see that they are old posts.

My preference was to banish them to the trash-bin of WordPress. Seemed like a better place for them. I’m good with it.

Most of these older posts are worth keeping. Worth re-sharing and re-posting. It has been my experience to date that sharing an older post as part of #SundayBlogShare and #MondayBlogs has been beneficial to myself and readers. Someone else gets to read the story. While I take some justifiable pride in knowing someone has read it and maybe been inspired. As long as they are reading, they are free to interpret my writing as they deem fit.

Some might argue that keeping the deleted posts is a demonstration in bravery. It could be the writer saying, “I’m not perfect, and am better now.”  This makes some logical sense of course. If you are contemplating what to keep on your blog or website it really is up to you to decide if its’ the quality of work you want to keep out there. A blog post will forever have that electronic footprint even if its’ deleted. It’s just likely to be unread upon its’ deletion.

To keep or not to keep? That is the question to answer in looking over archived content when looking at re-sharing. No matter your answer, you will always be right.




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