Winter Scene

Pictou Harbour Lyons Brook

Here’s a look back at a personal favourite photo. It’s taken from a restaurant overlooking the back yard behind it. Many have been fooled by this and thought it to be an opening to a large open field. It actually opens up to a harbour. This winter was a particularly cold one. The last few days as I write this have seen a cold very reminiscent of the climate captured in this photograph. One end of a harbour, snow covered, with a frozen-over appearance. Before snapping this pic, I finished a large bowl of fresh pasta tossed with all kinds of vegetables. It followed with a dessert of some German-style rum cake and coffee.

Last year saw some of the most snow in many years where I live. A late start to the winter with some brutal conditions. Conditions that could not be cleared for days. Even weeks. This year, they are talking about a possible early spring.

I’m good for it either way. The cold and crisp air is refreshing at times. It awakens the senses and revives any instinct of survival needed to keep warm, when one finds it too cold. The climate complainers will continue to complain. That is their choice. Equally, I choose not to listen. Instead, focusing on how great it is to live in this country. If winter and cold temperatures are a consequence of that choice, so be it.



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