The Camera Voice Through The Camera Eye

Film stripclip art camera

Part of my business expansion involves plans to write and record some video blogs which will be posted to my YouTube Page. Recently, I spent some time recording some test ones to see how well my delivery would be in front of the camera. I have little problem being on camera. The problem (if it can be viewed as such) is my perfectionism demands that I put in the best possible amount of content in without droning on for a long time. Every single tester I recorded was trashed immediately.

The main reason I intend to do this is to give myself the opportunity to be a better speaker again. My strongest asset in this business is to write the words and have people read them. When I have written content that is meant for a speaker, I do everything I can to give them the quality work they are looking for so when they speak, people listen and understand. In October of this year, I am scheduled to attend a panel discussion as part of the Not-Mom Summit in Cleveland, Ohio. I’m not used to public speaking and to be frank, the thought of it is somewhat frightening. I have no problem being caught in the camera eye or having my voice go out over the radio waves. Crowds have just never been my thing. I thrive more in the solitude and solace of a few, or outright silence.

Time is on my side here though. I feel there is enough time to sharpen my skills. I am going to this conference excited about the possibilities and excited about the people I am going to meet. I am excited about the discussions we will have.

I have become a fan of Gair Maxwell ‘s video series on YouTube called “The Reinvention Chronicles”. He recently touched on finding one’s video voice in a great two-part series. Head to his channel and have a look at those and his other videos. Some great learning there.

So I hope in the near future to put up some content that would be five minutes or less to talk to viewers as if I was talking to them over a drink. I’m looking to cover similar themes that you see on this website. those themes primarily are about writing and the freelance business, and issues surrounding the childfree choice. There is another factor into my want to go about things via the video blog route.


I am actively in pursuit of further freelance opportunities. 

Maybe there will be some stories to tell as part of the video series. Many of the stories that I have ideas for now are ones that I will save for a possible future book. So I will record a few more takes and speak a bit more before the camera. Eventually I will post something through my YouTube Channel

Thank you for reading. Stay tuned. 







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