Twitter at 10 Years Old #LoveTwitter

Twitternumber 10

It really is hard to believe that Twitter is ten. The much-loved social media platform has revolutionized the way we communicate online and the way people read and receive information. From a writer’s perspective, I love how Twitter challenges one’s creative skills. The platform forces users to communicate as much information as possible into a soon to be changing 140 character limit. Many businesses, large and small, are using Twitter to communicate to their client base.

One of the best things Twitter has done besides connect people, is start discussion and raise awareness. Through the use of hashtags, Twitter has been a successful launch pad for bringing awareness to everything from animal rescue (#bekindtoanimals) to mental health (#BellLetsTalk). These are discussions which are happening daily. The dialogue continues!

For the writing community at large, Twitter has been the place for networking, and for reading about great talents from all over the world. #MondayBlogs and #SundayBlogShare (to name just a few) of the hashtags have promoted writing and writer sites from all genres, from people at all corners of the earth. One need only to search on these topics and you are guaranteed to find some interesting reading. Some of it could change your life for the better.    

In the coming months and years, I hope Twitter continues to become a significant challenger to Facebook’s title of most popular social media platform and eventually take the title as new champion. I very much believe that the support people behind Twitter are starting to listen to users a bit more because they know of the exposed weaknesses in Facebook’s privacy settings. In my experience, they have not been dismissive of concerns. Hopefully, those behind the control board at Twitter will really pay close attention to user concerns and suggestions as it evolves. It is by no means perfect and there are a few things about it that could be changed. At ten years old, perhaps some maturity and growth is now in order? 




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