Writing – A Daily Need To Observe

ellie!!!!!!! 017.JPG

This great pic is of a peaceful cottage where I spent part of a long early fall weekend. The place overlooked waters heavily frequented by seals and scallop dragging boats. A stones throw from the bench and deck chairs is a lobster receiving facility. Fishing boats during the busy lobster season show up to offload catch. There was no cell phone reception and the WiFi on site was not working. I accepted this as a bit of a gift. It was a reminder to just observe the present moment. Looking at this picture now makes me more aware of the need to observe.

Let me attempt to tie this in to writing. I’ve written before on these pages that thinking about work is working in itself. You can be standing in line at the grocery store or reading a menu at the restaurant and inspiration clicks. It happens at any time. For most writers this is part of the everyday conversation that goes on in their heads. My own writing career has reached a point where the constant searching and cataloging of possible work is almost constant. Having such a drive for the business plus the art/craft of writing has translated into a daily need that I have to observe. Maybe as part of the observation that day I will never get to the computer screen or a page. Occasionally something will get dictated into my phone for later transposition.

Finding myself within the work is a continual reward that continues to pay off in dividends that do not always translate into money. Sure it is great to be doing what you love to do and making a few dollars in the process.

It’s equally great to just be working with words.





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