Pictou County Pizza

Pizza Pic

Photo by Hannah J. Bennett (Twitter: @hannahbennettNS)

The home county has some reputations with food. Many people who have never even been to Pictou County, Nova Scotia have heard of Pictou County’s reputation for almost-perfect pizza. When I worked and lived in Western Canada and tell tales to people about where I was from, some would actually ask if I had any Pictou County Pizza. People would know people who were from the area or mentioned the pizza in the travels there. It was an amazing reminder of how small the world can really seem.

The flavourful famous brown sauce is the most distinguishable feature of Pictou County Pizza. The sauce, which is prominent in most Pictou County Pizza places, is credited to brothers George and Demetre Kouyas. Both founded what is now known as the Original Sam’s Pizza located in Stellarton. The restaurant is located a few steps away from where national grocery chain Sobeys opened their very first store. 

When it comes to the pizza, maybe it’s not just the brown sauce. Maybe it’s the care and quality that goes into all of it. Maybe I should not keep speculating on what makes it so legendary!   

As a kid and into my teens when pizza became a regular weekend thing, the place I went to the most was Sam’s in Trenton. This location is one of a few named Sam’s in the area. I have maintained that each location has always offered subtle differences in the pizza they make. Some would disagree with me. I became very used to seeing long-time staff there quite a bit. When I lived much further away and came home for visiting, a trip for pizza always was among the first things I did. In present day, my drive to the hometown is only an hour and a half away. I’m proud to say I’ve driven the distance to pick up pizza for supper and would do it again. Introducing the outlaws to Pictou County Pizza was a day to be proud of. We all picked up pizza coming back from a jaunt to Prince Edward Island. We pulled over to a park on the west side of New Glasgow and had a pizza picnic. They were amazed.

Pictou County Pizza has become so popular that for a sum, you can place an order for frozen pizzas and have them shipped via 1 or 2 day courier to your choice location in Canada. When this delivery service started, the oil fields of Alberta were still running strong. Pictou County Pizza parties were happening in select locations! 

There is a long-standing argument over who produces the best of Pictou County Pizza. The majority would probably say that Acropole produces the best Pictou County Pizza. It is certainly great. My loyalty remains firm with Sam’s Trenton followed by Original Sam’s in Stellarton. Residents of the Halifax Regional Municipality have the option of picking up the next closest thing at Nayya in Bedford. Nayya worked on a version of the famous “brown sauce” that is VERY close to the real deal. While nothing beats an original, this is a great other option to have.

Could sure go for some pizza and beer…then an 8 hour workout to burn all of it off afterwards….




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