Where The Hell Did Inspiration Go?


Several times in the last few weeks I have made the classic writer mistake. A real decent idea comes to mind that is so good I figure I will remember it. There is no perceived need to write it down. I can just move on and know the next time to work it will be developed and written out.

Then it happens. I’ve gone to sit down and be productive only to find out that the idea is long gone. There is not even a remote trace of what was let of the inspired thought. My memory bank was empty. Then there is the immediate stress of wondering what the hell happened to this great idea. Maybe it was a good short story, article idea or a potential plot line for a best-selling novel?

There is no real excuse for this. My phone is always on me. There are notebooks everywhere. I should have taken a minute to write it down or dictate it into the voice memo feature of my phone. I’m vowing to never make this mistake again. My own lack of productivity in the week before writing this very post could have seen different results. Having those ideas to write out might have sharpened my discipline for the week and given me a chance to re-focus on work.

So the next time you might have an inspired thought, do whatever you can to preserve it. Write it on a piece of public washroom paper towel if necessary.




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