Social Media Saturation?

Social Media

Lots of businesses are telling people to “Like them on Facebook”. We are witnessing an evolution of sorts where many of these same businesses are posting longer social media promotions within their print and web advertising. They want you to Like us on Facebook, Tweet us on Twitter, see some pics on Snapchat and Instagram. Pretty soon with the aggressive expansion of social media platforms that seem to be working, businesses will have to take out full-length pages just listing where they can be found on social media.

Last week I was able to see Snapchat in action. A completely useless time-wasting app which left me with the start of a migraine headache after a five-minute demonstration. Instagram is no better. Both platforms appear to be increasing in popularity. Social media has become saturated with platforms promoting more ways to connect to the global universe. Everyone wants to become the next Facebook and Twitter. Despite an alleged drop in users, Facebook continues to be the model platform for social media success. Sometimes I miss the “simpler” days of MIRC and ICQ. Remember them? They still exist.

Where does it stop? At what point does a person say that they can only do so much with social media? 

With my writing business, I have decided to stick to Twitter. I’ve made no secret on these pages about my increasing disdain for Facebook and its’ privacy abuses. A still relatively new platform called MeWe is attempting to build its’ brand on being the Anti-Facebook, giving users significantly better control over privacy settings.

There was a significant period of time that I spent researching the pros and cons of where I would stop with promotion on social media. My brand does not need to be built on Facebook. I enjoy being part of an audience while connecting with my own audience via Twitter. I accept that in order to keep building an audience one should be on a social media platform that enjoys a wide reach. It guarantees readership even if those numbers start of small. I’ve gradually been building my reach on Twitter for six years. It is still a work in progress.

The best way to build your brand is not always going to be through social media. It is to continue knocking on doors. It is to send electronic and regular mail to catch the attention of those that could provide potential work opportunities. Yes, creative use of social media can be a game-changer. It just should not be the only thing one uses in their branding. Resist the temptation to saturate your audience with multiple social media platforms. Stick to what you think and know will work. 

Do you think that social media has become very saturated? At what point do you stop using so many to promote your branding? Leave your comments, keep the discussion going.

….And Join me on Twitter @WriterDann where I try to be funny, and occasionally send out pitches looking for freelance work.




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