Tell Cancer to Go Suck a Lemon


When a friend’s Mom/Business Partner passed away from Ovarian Cancer, she posted a heart-wrenching video with an idea. It was during the time of the ice-bucket challenge. The videos of ice water being poured on people raised awareness, and money, in the fight against ALS. It was noted recently that 

As her video went on she talked about wanting to tell cancer to go suck a lemon. Through her grief she proceeded to try and handle the sourness of a lemon wedge. 

Cancer has affected everyone in some way. Or everyone knows someone who has been affected. My friends’ idea is a good one. So I challenge anyone to post a video of themselves attempting the same to YouTube and any social media platform. Tell a story about someone you know who is fighting this terrible disease, or who may have lost that battle. Talk about a survivor you know. Maybe you are a survivor.

Tell your story.

Once you have twisted your face up from the taste of the lemon, nominate a few people to do the same thing. Tell the world you want cancer to #GoSuckALemon

As for me, I won’t have a video to post. If anyone hands me a lemon I’m going to throw it in a glass of vodka and ice, pretend it is water and tell people I am on a cleanse….

My thanks to Sharla Hanna of Canmore, Alberta for her idea. You can read on about the business Sharla and Mother started here.





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