Finish What You Started (If You Feel Like It)

Walk away then return. Repeat as often as necessary.  Anyone who writes, no matter if it’s to create or to meet a deadline for a client, has walked away from something. They have put the work in a drawer, be it a real one or electronic one, as a failed work piece. Incidentally, I walked […]


Real Writing Reflections

Fairly recently, I attended a comedy show at a local club. Once in a while it is worth going to see someone try to deliver the goods live on stage. The mid-card comedian bombed very badly. So badly that they were booed off the stage. The material wasn’t working and the audience responded swiftly. I […]

September Solitudes and Labour Day

Here again September Even writing the name of the month on paper or screen brings a smile to my face. The very thought of the approaching fall is refreshing. I’ve written about it on these pages and elsewhere. As a subject it never gets tiring. The changing weather. The changing season. Life really beginning as […]