September Solitudes and Labour Day


Here again


Even writing the name of the month on paper or screen brings a smile to my face. The very thought of the approaching fall is refreshing. I’ve written about it on these pages and elsewhere. As a subject it never gets tiring. The changing weather. The changing season. Life really beginning as the harvest continues to come in. If you live in Nova Scotia or at least visited it, you might know that the rich farmlands of the Annapolis Valley are abundant in freshness worthy of being brought to the table. Orchards weighed down in stone fruit, apples and pears stretch up to the highway. The vineyards are lush with the growth of the grapes soon headed for the bottle. Annapolis Valley Wines, and indeed Nova Scotia Wines in general, are some of the finest wines in the world. A select few grapes will be left for the very first frost. This will mark the crop for ice wine production.

The scene in the photo above is the end of yhe Cape Split hiking trail. Just some of the splendid scenery that Nova Scotia has to offer. 

Labour Day

Labour Day long used to be a very depressing weekend. School was never something I enjoyed. Even on the days where I might have a chance to shine with some writing. I never liked school. Going back to college when I did was even trying at times. Having to go back to school was laborious enough. Maybe this is why I understood Labour Day a little bit.

Speaking of labour, sometimes I wonder if any of my colleagues in the word business see an increase in their work come September and into fall. This has been a regular occurrence for me over the last several years. I’ve drawn the conclusion that the changing season inspires me so much that it translates into a drive to really labour over work. It is another reminder of how fortunate I am to be in this business.

Still, one must take time. Time to enjoy the scenery before the entrance of another winter. So here’s to a happy, healthy and scenic September and beyond.

Into Autumn we go. 




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