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Robert Herjavec (Known to people from TV’s Shark Tank, Dragon’s Den) once said something about not understanding people without ambition. It knocked me out. I instantly developed a better understanding of myself. Understanding a little bit about what drives people to do more and make their lives better. The content on these pages is a result of ambition. Anytime you see content about the professional aspect of my world it’s because of ambition. I quite enjoy sharing my own experiences of working as a freelancer. Sharing those experiences is rewarding. Particularly when I hear from someone who felt they benefited from it.

It’s easy to have that ambition shaken. Things can and will throw you off. The people with the thickest skin can have their confidence and ambition shaken, by normal everyday life. Over time, I have learned to bounce back tenfold, and ten times stronger. What defines your ambition is up to each of us individually. We all have it. It might just be something that has a different level of focus versus other things. your ambition might be as simple as wanting to do all you can to ensure a decent night sleep tonight. It’s a simple but admirable ambition we all probably have. Who really has an ambition to sleep like hell?

My ambitions are many. When applied to my work in words, my ambitions are to improve constantly. Learn something new constantly. Always be working, even if it means putting thought into the work while being nowhere near the screen and page.

No matter what your ambitions, I’ve learned (often the hard way) the importance of keeping up with them. Never let them leave you in the dust. If you want to make your life better, make it happen. Bide your time if you must. Get there. Just remember that there here and now is not always a rough place to be.




2 thoughts on “Ambition

  1. Great post! There’s this show on the History channel called Vikings, which I love because its main character just oozes ambition. It’s actually his ambition that creates the whole plot of the show, though that’s probably the case with a lot of shows.

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