Instant Coffee and Instant Memories

instant coffee.jpeg

It can taste like the smell of burnt motor oil, or it can taste like a mix of coffee and burnt motor oil. Instant caffeineation. Yeah I know, it’s not a friggin word. It is now. You are welcome Webster’s Dictionary People.

My child and teenhood households revolved around tea. So I started to drink tea from a young age. No one else really drank coffee often. A jar of instant was always kept in the house for the rare occasions when it was needed. In my mid-teens I started to join friends at a local Tim Hortons location for coffee. It grew up me a bit. Incidentially, I refuse to drink their coffee now. When I was splitting time between my Mom’s apartment and Dad’s house, there were mornings I woke up to get ready for school and would walk into the kitchen at just the right moment to see Dad slide a mug of fresh instant java over to me. Funny how most of those mornings were actually peaceful. A nice break from mornings where three of us men would disagree over some stupid shit that probably meant nothing.

I still drink tea and still drink coffee. I’ve become somewhat particular about the kinds I keep around. Once in a while I return to instant coffee to save a few dollars and bring back an instant cup of pleasant memories.






One thought on “Instant Coffee and Instant Memories

  1. For the longest time, I would only drink tea when I was sick. I like particular kinds of coffee. ☕️

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