The Case (and Concern) For #NaNoWriMo


One of the great joys of November is to see all of the National Novel Writing Month posts on social media. Writers sharing their successes and heartaches about their works in progress. It’s a global unification of people from all writing levels who work towards writing a novel script by the close of day on the 30th. Look-up the Twitter hashtag #NaNoWriMo and you can get a nice sampling of emotions as to where people are in their projects. People sharing their successes and setbacks. Everyone can learn something from everyone.

Towards the end of November, this hashtag starts to see an increase in posts from people who feel they may not end up writing a completed script by the end of the month. This is where my only real concern with #NaNoWriMo lies. It’s the pressure writers might place on themselves to push a completed product through. If someone is able to complete a project within the month then that’s fine. Kudos to them. If someone starts something but does not finish it in the month, really that’s fine too. Writers who might see it as a disappointment should look at this from a fresher perspective. They participated. They worked. They wrote. They have something going that ultimately they want to complete into book script form.  

All #NaNoWriMo work should be viewed as a success. If you choose to participate, no matter the outcome on the 30th, that can be viewed as an accomplishment. Good on all of you who are participating. 





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