Holding On To Creative Sparks


Some inspired thoughts are so inspired, they stick with you. Writers spend much time ensuring they get things down as quickly as possible. Losing an idea is losing an opportunity.

There have been multiple occasions where I might have something that is just screaming to make it to paper and screen. Something so strong that I’ve been able to remember it continuously. The concept is a character based in a semi-isolated area of Eastern Prince Edward Island Canada. People who might know the province will say that all of Prince Edward Island is isolated. Even with Confederation Bridge running year-round, there is some truth to this. In the summer months, when the ferry service is up and running it delivers passengers and freight out at Wood Islands. The Wood Islands area contains some amazing oceanfront scenery. It is dotted with dozens of real estate listings in various price ranges. From stunning summer homes, to fixer-uppers left to be let go by owners who’ve given up or passed on.

The Island is a personal favourite spot. Somewhere I always tend to find peace and quiet, and peace of mind. The idea of a breezy summer night, comforted by quiet and the coast. A perfect setting. Equally perfect to me would be the same place on a cold winter night, a wood stove fire, enough supplies, books to read, notebooks to write in, music to spin, and a quiet drink at home.

I used this kind of setting in a previously published short piece which I included in the self-published collection I released a few years back, “Throwing Dice” 

It’s a setting that stays with me. Partly because it is a nice peaceful thought. By no real means do I want to actually have that as part of my life. It’s busy enough to have a house and other responsibilities that come with it. Two homes, not something I need or really want.

The setting is also an idea that I may not want to let go of just yet. There is a fear that getting a piece out with this theme might be the last of it.  Just not ready to let go yet. At any point in the day, and I do mean every day, there are moments where that setting comes into mind along with anything else that is inspired thinking. There is hope that more of these kinds of memorable settings and characters could flow and really stick with me. 

There is a balancing act at work here. Sometimes even the most inspired creative sparks are worth letting go of right away. Let them find their way to the page. Let them go and let them flow through the fingers to the keyboard. 

By letting go to the page, even if they end up as failed pieces or something unworkable, you are still hanging on to them. Until you hit “delete” or shred that page. 




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