Holiday Writing


In between the meals, and in between the pints. I’ve found some time to write something just so I can write. I’m behind a closed door, in a room somewhere in Northern Ontario where I have written a few things before. A room where I have slept many good hours, and lied awake during a few bad hours. The peace and quiet is addictive. The surroundings are interesting. A collection of coffee mugs and other things line the walls. They never get boring. Always interesting. Always something new.

It is Christmas Day. Tomorrow Boxing Day. Or as I affectionately now call it thanks to Dave Thomas and Rick Moranis, Wrestling Day. (The reference is from Bob and Doug Mackenzie’s 12 Days of Christmas). Where I am spending the holidays, people will be up very early to get to stores by 6 a.m. It’s not for me even with the amazing deals. A winter storm is set to supposedly keep us partly closed in. I will happily spend part of the morning clearing snow. The workout will be welcome.

Speaking of workout. You are reading one. This is a writing workout. Even on holiday it can be a nice break from the pace of everything and anything else that might be happening. There is plenty of everything to go around. You could have coffee and tea, and never run out. If you felt like it, you could cook a dinner for 20 and still have leftovers. I love this house. 

I hope this holiday season finds you inspired and creative, regardless of what your art form may be. Write some words, play some music. Make it all work somehow and enjoy it.




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