Digital Book Marking


My review of my personal writing resources is continuing. Having valuable print references has proven useful in my work. I’ve recently written about some of those resources which can be read here.

As part of the ongoing review, I spent some time looking through my digital book marks. There were websites and resources that I had not read in many years. There was an excessive amount of digital clutter. It’s been a task to look through each of those bookmarks and determine if any of them still have value. Is there something that I bookmarked in the web browser that might be worth referencing? As a result, I’ve spent some time cleaning up the digital clutter on my web browser’s favourites/bookmarks page. There is room for a few more things that may be worth adding as I find them.

It will become a regular task for me to start checking my digital bookmarks every so often. It can be a chance to reflect on and review things I want to have memorized, while keeping the digital clutter to a more manageable level.






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