This Is What Anxiety Feels Like



If you are in Canada and browsing on #Twitter over Sunday, you would have noticed this hashtag trending. Stigma Fighters CEO Sarah Fader started up the conservation to get people talking some more about anxiety. It took me a second to realize that she brilliantly started this up. It was a conversation that caught viral quickly across the globe. People shared their 140 character summaries of what anxiety felt like to them. You could sense a collective nod of agreement across Twitter as many people re-tweeted and replied to the stories. It’s been a great reminder to people that they are never alone in the war within themselves.

Anxiety can feel like a crushing weight. When I was younger, the majority of people would tell me that a high level of it was “normal”.

How wrong they were, and how wrong they are. It has taken me a long time to get to a point where I can manage it. It still can lurk in the darkness of the mind and could strike at any moment without explanation. For me, it can be triggered by large crowds where my comfort zone is easily exceeded. Indeed. At a party, you will find me likely looking after the animals in the house. Ensuring they have some company.

In the most crippling times, anxiety kept me awake for days on end. On one occasion it was over a week.

Anxiety feels like a large weight that cannot be moved. No matter how strong you might be physically. With the right therapy and help, you can overcome. Share your story. Reach out from the screen if you can. Keep the discussion going.

The most important war you will ever win is the one within yourself. 




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