The Old Road


Photo: Green Hill Provincial Park, from Tourism Nova Scotia website.

In February 2011, I wrote a note reflecting on the drive between New Glasgow and my Mom’s place in Salt Springs. It is now known as the “old highway”. The newer twinned highway is where most of the traffic now flows. It leaves the old highway to have become a more peaceful and quiet drive. As I drive along it now I can still remember the gas stations, restaurants and other businesses that used to be dotted along it. Places where truck drivers, tourists and travelers would pull in for meals and refreshments. A convenience store and bakery/market have managed to survive and thrive along the old highway. Near the old highway is Green Hill Provincial Park seen here in the photo. This place has always been a peaceful escape. A place where I would park my car, drink coffee and occasionally write some things. “The Old Road” was a note I had been hanging on to for some time with intention of including it somewhere in a book or online piece to be read. With only a few minor changes made, here it be. 


The old highway is a twisting line. A memorial to when it was the only road. a part of the road once included on the mapped stage-coach road between Pictou and Halifax. Some of the character homes are in a state of disarray.  A handful are given new life due to the increased peace.

It has re-birthed rural living into a population of around 50. Truck traffic has decreased nearly 100%, extending the life of the road. I can easily recall days of steady-streamed traffic. Two sawmills giving off an illusion of industry. It was confusing and difficult to tell if any of them were even operating. In nearby Rocky Mountain, no traces are left of a gift shop, miniature golf course and a pitch and putt. The pitch and putt area has returned to nature. Trees have practically taken over the entire space, leaving no clue about what was once there.




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