Attempting To Embrace Anxiety


If you live with anxiety, you know it. In my younger days, I had difficulty accepting it. I was told “Everyone has Anxiety”. How could anyone have anxiety at levels that seemed really out of touch with my perception of reality? It didn’t make sense. Sometimes it still feels that way. Being called over-sensitive, and not strong did nothing to help. 

First of all, those with major anxiety can be sensitive. Believe me, I wish it was something that could easily be dropped. If given the choice to be free of one part of me, that would probably be it. Secondly, I consider myself very strong. Someone who is getting stronger all the time. There are a few moments of weakness. Overcoming each one is a victory.  

The most important wars you will fight are the ones within yourself. 

If you are diagnosed with any level of anxiety, be it debilitating or “minor”, it does not mean you are weak. It has taken me years to accept that it means I am human. The fight against it is always worth it to get to an improved result in self-health. 

I’m learning to embrace what people may perceive as “faults” and turn them into opportunities. Chances to help and educate others. Chances to live better and inspire others to do the same.





2 thoughts on “Attempting To Embrace Anxiety

  1. It took me a long time too, to finally realize I am totally normal, I’m human. It’s all the “should’s” that you have adopted into your belief system and falling short of them that have to overcome!

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