Rewind and Refresh


Over the last few weeks, I’ve packed up the tape collection in preparation for staging the house with the intention of a sale. Still do not have a new working player as of yet anyway. When I think of the tape collection, the word rewind is a constant thought. A thought that rewinds and replays itself. A ways back, I covered some things that can be connected to rewinding and going forward in life. How to approach rewinding your memory mindfully and tying it to writing. After some reflection, it’s worth a revisit.

We all rewind. Not always deliberately, but it happens. We reflect on a positive memory that is worth playing over in our brains. Other times, something triggers a very unpleasant memory that plays and rewinds itself continuously. We want to push the stop button, We want to tape over it and never play it again. It’s not easy. Some of those tapes may play in your memory for life. In those moments, I’ve been learning to just turn down the volume in the hope I don’t hear that memory in my head. Sometimes it is a struggle to hit the stop button. When I do, then there is hope that memory may never come back. Something traumatic can come back and start playing again. It’s been an effort to find ways to hit the stop button. 

The tapes with the positive memories are ones we want to last forever. The things that make us smile and laugh. These are the things that give us great stories to tell. We enjoy rewinding and playing those tapes over and over again.

This is a good time to remind readers that if they are dealing with any traumatic issues, or know someone who is, help is available. Reach out and ask for help. Look up mental health services in your area. Pick up the phone or open your email. People with really good benefit plans through their employers might have access to an Employee Assistance Program. Contact that program if you have it. 

Push play on going forward, and find a way to hit the stop button when you need to.




One thought on “Rewind and Refresh

  1. Yes I have contacted the employee assistance plan! It is super helpful to talk to a therapist!

    Although, I did try to see if they would sign off for inpatient therapy. Unfortunately, I don’t have any major mental health disorders… just a bad work situation! I did find out that that is enough to make you think that you are losing your mind! #mentalhealthmatters for sure!!

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