Jaw Surgery – Part 2. The Day Before


It is now one day away. My long-awaited procedure to correct a messed-up bite. Something 1 step closer to fixing my face. In an attempt to maintain a sense of humor, I have been referring to my jaw surgery as a “face transplant”. Maybe there is some truth to this joke. Since I will look different at the end of it. 

At the end of Part 1 of this post series, I referenced my insecurity over my own smile. There is a reason I am rarely caught smiling in a pic. Since my very first school picture days in Kindergarten, I made an effort to hide my teeth and not smile for the camera. I was able to do this with much success. Save for 4th grade when I did manage to smile. Must have been an off day. This will correct my bite issues and even give me the benefit of what I hope will be a better look to my face. Once braces come off and final repairs are done, looking in a mirror and smiling for a camera will hopefully be easier.

A few readers commented on my Twitter posts leading up to tomorrow, asking if I would post pics after surgery. There will be swelling, and I will look very rough. I rarely like showing pictures of myself as it is. So naturally I would not want anyone to see me with a severely swollen face! Sorry to disappoint those of you who asked. My reasons make complete sense. I am allowing my spouse to take pics to send to family so they get an idea of what is going on. She just won’t be posting them to social media. 

The other thing I needed to face is a recent fear of hospitals in general. My Dad’s sudden passing in 2013 instilled a paralyzing fear of even being close to a hospital.  So part of the last few weeks has been a re-education in understanding the reality of my own situation. Understanding the reality of the surroundings of a hospital and what has to take place. A mindful approach to the coming moments. Preparing myself for as many possibilities as I can and how I can deal with them. 

Having this surgery means I will be staying in hospital for a few days. Long enough to ensure the healing has started, and the first few days of recovery are restful. I’m surrounded by a wealth of support from the surgical team, those closest to me, colleagues and readers. 

I am grateful to all of you. See you on the other side of this.  





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