Rebels and Renegades

misfits walk among us

This grand old classic punk rock record remains one of my personal faves. Glenn Danzig in my view is still one of the greatest vocalists. 

Part of my identity was shaped by having a broad range in musical taste. There is very little that has changed about the kind of music I enjoy. Listening to punk rock was equal to having heavy metal around the home. It was music that pissed off authority and gave a voice to youth who felt they had no voice. The classics from this record are connected to so many happy memories. Coming home from school and turning up the stereo volume. Plugging in the bass and playing along with each track. Getting into the energy and feel of the music. Wanting to be at the concerts.

My discovery of classic punk rock is ongoing.  Henry Rollins is another important and influential voice in my own work.  His place in music history is long secured and he continues to be a good draw for audiences everywhere.

While I have long been a fan of bass legend Mike Watt, it is only recently that I’ve been getting into more of the music of his great pioneering trio with D Boon and George Hurley. Minutemen’s Double Nickels on the Dime is an absolute masterpiece of a record that everyone should own. Hope to find it on vinyl someday. It’s pure punk rock entertainment.  For a too brief period, Netflix aired “We Jam Econo” and it was incredible to watch. It told the amazing story of The Minutemen and their amazing music. I highly recommend getting this documentary through iTunes.

Like Heavy Metal, Punk Rock is a celebration of life. It is about the Rebels and Renegades. The music says much of what the youth may have been thinking. When you comes across something beautiful in the arts world that speaks to you, it can comfort you in times of dark and light. It’s never too late to discover classics.

It’s always a good time to lean on classic memories for comfort and solace. It is a great part of life to find those memories in classic music like this.




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