Residential Schools. Canada’s Lingering Disgrace.

With Canada turning 150, it’s a time for reflection on the good that this country has accomplished and the achievements it has reached. A scheduled post from earlier today reflects on some of my own reflections. It should also be time to reflect on the mistakes of the past, so the future can be made […]


Beer, Wine and Spirits.

A quiet drink at home. This is part of how I will spend Canada Day. A drink goes well with writing and some music spinning in the background. I’ve become a devotee of the local craft brewing industry here in Nova Scotia. There is some amazing product on the market. Much of the craft beer […]

Canada 150. A Supplementary Reflection.

As it happens, I was not completed with my ramblings and reflections on Canada’s 150th birthday. They started here if you want to go read that post before continuing on. Canada has a long way to go. It has come far in 150 years. It needs to go so much farther. There are a couple of points that need […]