Combining Minimalism With Writing


Minimalism and writing go together pretty well. Good writing is judged on whether it is good reading. The editing process is where the concept of less is more rings total truth.

The process of being at the desk, or having the fresh page ready for writing, is where the conversation begins. It is like having a conversation with the blank space. The space is for the story. The waves of words are meant to fill those very spaces. Spill everything and anything. Have that conversation as if you are taking over a convention podium. It is during the revision process where you want to tone the conversation down. Good writing will have the end result of reading like a pleasant conversation the writer is having with themselves and/or the reader. A final edit does not need to be a takeover of a podium stage. It might just be a light, pleasant greeting to get the page started. A greeting to the eventual reader that retains them for hopefully the entire length of what you wrote.

There have been occasions where the words were so many at the first pass. Part of that was inexperience. Another part of that was my feeling the need to be as complete as possible and not miss detail. That kind of overwhelming writing rightfully drew critiques of having lost a possible message in whatever I was trying to convey.

It is vital to take enjoyment in revising work. To have a more refined conversation with the page and screen so that everything makes sense. Think about how important it is to convey the content in as few words as possible.

Keep less of the words, so the end result is more defined and detailed.



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