Michael Moorcock Books and Library Donations.

Sowrd of the dawn

It is always kind of fun to discover great writers who have a ton of work published. Over the last decade one of my favourite discoveries has been the work of Michael Moorcock. It was through the music of the space-rock legends in Hawkwind that I learned of his books. There have been a few science-fiction and fantasy novels that I have tried to read over my life. I still find the genre overall to be very boring and of little interest. I say this with the greatest respect to many colleagues who continue to work their trade in that subject.

A few months ago I donated a handful of my Michael Moorcock collection to the local library system here. It is something I plan to do again. The plan when I next return to the US is to visit a bookstore that I know has multiple copies of many of his books. I know the next ones that I want to read. Once I am done reading them, they will be introduced into a library system somewhere where they can be accepted.

Library donations are an excellent way to condense down your own collections. If you have some books that could be of value, then you should certainly look to see if someone in your area might be able to purchase them for a good price. The market for valuable books still appears to be strong.

Donating books to your local library gives a chance for a book to connect with another reader. That one book can make a major difference in a person’s life. That is part of my intention with book donations. In donating copies of Michael Moorcock’s books, it is to introduce his work to newer generations of readers.

Readers who will hopefully see the same value as I do in his work. Readers who will want to pass on those books to others.

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One thought on “Michael Moorcock Books and Library Donations.

  1. I discovered Moorcock two winters ago and lost my mind to the multiverse. Corum, Hawkwind, Elric, Erekose… Now I take great pleasure in happening upon a missing slice of the multiverse in a used bookstore or library. Good on you offering up that magic for others. Cheers!

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