Sesame Street’s Whimsical Yip Yip Martians



If ever I need to refer to Sesame Street for something research wise, it is almost impossible to do. My most cherished memories with the Children’s Television Workshop show are any and all clips of the beloved Martians. The Yip Yips.

It’s absurd. It’s loony. It’s still hilarious years later. A combination of basic English, gibberish and masterful manipulation from puppeteers. Who knew that something  so ostensibly simple in concept could draw such laughter with the end result?



2 thoughts on “Sesame Street’s Whimsical Yip Yip Martians

  1. It’s a wonder we don’t encounter references to the Yip Yips more often. In table talk, the medias or part of the general zeitgeist, the Yip Yips deserve more of our attention.

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