Pink Floyd

Dark side

It’s better late than never to hear and appreciate amazing music.

Pink Floyd. They have crossed over to generations of fans. Those fans enjoy variable tastes in music. My initial reactions to their music were puzzled looks of confusion and annoyance. One of my best mates always dug them. You would occasionally hear songs from “The Wall” over a weekend on our local radio station. When you ask most music fans about Pink Floyd, they are likely to know about “The Wall” before even thinking of anything else.

Before I graduated high school, something about Pink Floyd finally connected with me. I’m not even sure what did it. Seeing parts of the film “The Wall” probably had something to do with it. Hearing more of the music and feeling a connection with it was the biggest reason it all made sense to me. By the time my record collection was building there was more of their music that I was hearing on Classic Rock Radio in Calgary. “Wish You Were Here” and “Dark Side of The Moon” were swiftly added to my record collections when I found them in excellent shape at a great price.

One should look well beyond the most popular records of theirs to really get a sense of how amazing most of their entire catalog is. Pink Floyd is timeless and continues to reach new generations of music fans. I often think back to when my friend would first be playing their music. We were at the time the new generation of fans hearing their music. I did not appreciate how great it all was until a few years later.

Better late than never to wake up and really tune in. Tune in to timeless music that maintains an incredible life.





One thought on “Pink Floyd

  1. Great band with many fine albums. Bought “Dark Side” not long after it came out. A sonic masterpiece. I never liked “The Wall.” Millionaire rock stars singing “We don’t need no education,” I have a problem with. The older I get, the more I appreciate the Syd years. A sad story, but he was a true artist.

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