Minimalism and Emails


How many promotional emails do you get? In this age, most of us are getting some of these kinds of messages.

How many of these do we really need to read? If you are about to answer this question quickly. Stop for a second or two and think about your possible response. Can you think back to the last week, or month, on how many promotional emails you actually read? Are you really waiting to read about the dealings from your favourite places to shop, whether they are in person or online?

Think about the times when you opened your email program and complained silently to yourself about how many messages you have to go through. Has any of that excess been solely a result of promotional emails? If so, then it is time to reduce the amount coming in.

There are few reasons for me to read promotional emails. I get messages from grocery stores that I shop at about sales and deals. Those messages provide me with value when things we regularly buy go on sale. The era of printed advertisement flyers is nearing the end. Electronic flyers are the regular norm for most consumers. They are environmentally friendly and super easy to read. No physical page-flipping required!

Take a few minutes to go through those promotional emails. Ask yourself when was the last time you bought anything of real value from that particular company or store. Do you really need to be spending all kinds of time going through a ton of these messages?

You probably don’t. So scroll down to some of those messages and click “unsubscribe”. In doing so, you are subscribing to less digital clutter.




2 thoughts on “Minimalism and Emails

  1. I use to help me deal with the deluge of b.s. emails I get. There are a few promotion emails that I might want to look at when I’m ready to buy something I actually need, so it rolls them up into a daily digest of emails. It me from the crapshoot far more effectively than the unsubscribe button in promotional emails

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