Planned Unparenthood at 5 Years

book Cover

It is a major work. Every minute spent on researching and writing this book was well worth it. The very day when it struck me to write Planned UnParenthood I knew I was on to something very special. 

Five years after the initial release, it still is something special. Shortly after the release, a reader pointed out to me that my book may be the first of its’ kind. The first book about choosing not to have children written from a male perspective. My intention as a writer for anything I do is to educate and entertain. So if indeed my book was the first of its’ kind, it is an honour.

A growing number of news stories, think pieces, op eds, blog posts, and so much more brings new interest to different points of views. The topics of choosing not to have children, and issues facing those who are not able to have children, are equally important. Planned UnParenthood gave me an avenue to express my view on adoption as an option. I have become more personally vocal about the abhorrent treatment of LGBT families receive when they are denied the ability to adopt in certain countries. This book has given me so much in my career as a writer. It continues to provide opportunities that I never thought would be possible.

Most of all, it has given me an audience of readers which continues to grow. For this, I am thankful.

I am thankful for each and every one of you. 





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