Justifying Justifications


I can no longer justify something I’ve justified for too long a time justified.

My diet for the last several years has overall been excellent. Far better than from my younger days when junk food ruled my food menu. Outside of what people would call junk food, my diet was meat, dairy and eggs. I’ve been far and away from red meats for quite some time and recently dropped poultry. Now fish, eggs and dairy are on the way out.

No longer can I justify the justifications society is so ingrained with when it comes to animals. How could I personally be promoting animal rescue, and speaking out against animal cruelty when animal flesh and secretions were still part of my diet?

No more.

Images that I’ve seen some time ago, and some that were recently brought to my attention, will never be able to leave my conscience again. Being on a train that passed by a chicken slaughter facility in Edmonton back in 99 where the line could be seen. Learning the reality that “humane slaughter” does not actually exist. Remembering back to my tour of a dairy farm that was run by former relatives, what was really happening when cattle were getting injections. Knowing now, more than ever that the science is real.  A plant-based diet is the healthiest way to live. No longer do I want to support industries with my money where animal slaughter is part of the process.

I’m done.




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