Is Diet Coke Vegan?

UPDATE JUNE 6, 2019 – News broke this week about animal abuse captured on video at Coca-Cola affiliated US attraction Fair Oaks Farms Dairy Adventure. It’s horrid enough that a place like this exists, so abuse found at this place is probably no surprise. So just forget buying any Coca-Cola products. For that matter, forget […]

Childhood Chores

Piano Lessons. Dance Lessons. Boy Scouts. Girl Guides. Many of you ended up in stuff like this as kids. How many of you actually chose it? Were you actually interested? I’ll cover all bets that the majority of you were not interested. I’ve long been critical of this overwhelming need for parents to insert their […]

The Future of Sound

The majority of vehicles sold in North America now come with the option of satellite radio.  Vehicle purchasers can receive a free trial run of SiriusXM Radio for a limited duration.  At the end of the temporary subscription, they are offered some sort of deal courtesy of the car dealership to keep the service going.  […]

Tom Petty. American Legend.

“I used to live in a two-room apartment, Neighbours knockin on my wall, Time were hard, I don’t wanna knock it, I don’t miss it much at all.” This line is from “The Apartment Song” which appears on Tom Petty’s “Full Moon Fever”. I lived this very scenario on three different occasions. It always brings […]