“Computer God” – Black Sabbath’s look into the future present.


Waiting for the revolution
New clear vision – Genocide
Computerize god – It’s the new religion
Program the brain – Not the heartbeat

The world constantly waits for the latest iPhone. Warring factions in war-torn countries are looking to assert domination via technology. Or, the best and baddest weapons of destruction they can find. They want the means and methods to program machines to do the destructive work, so solders might not have to. We have become a society that is ready to worship anything that makes life easier and efficient. We want everything to be held in the palms of our hands. Computerization has lead to an inadvertent worship of high-tech as a higher power.

The Ronnie James Dio era Black Sabbath albums are standout heavy metal masterpieces. They remain unique entries into the music catalogs. The riffs are incredible walls of guitar sounds driving home a fresh air reminder that metal still was powerful and relevant. Dehumanizer’s opening track “Computer God” is an accurate telling of what the future present has become. The song originated as a riff from the Geezer Butler band. The legendary Black Sabbath Bassist is known for his sharp-witted lyrics and for contributing some of the great riffs into the Sabbath catalog.

Onward all you crystal soldiers
Touch tomorrow – Energize
Digital dreams
And you’re the next correction
Man’s a mistake so we’ll fix it

Data, information all travels through the airwaves and clear cable carriers. The best smartphones are activated by touch. Touch something on the screen and it sends more energy to keep your universe going around. Developers are working to bringing truth to the dreams of high-tech consumers. Most of the global 1st first has embraced high-tech consumerism. Technology is out there to fix the problems of an increasingly volatile society.  Humanity has so much wrong with it that it needs work. There is suggestion that artificial intelligence could fix it. Many productive applications are meant to streamline life. They are already fixing the mistakes that could be made manually.

Take a look at your own reflection
Right before your eyes
It turns to steel

There’s another side of Heaven
This way – To technical paradise
Find it on the other side
When the walls fall down

We have become obsessed with how up front life has become. Social media has amplified everything in so many lives. It has become something many people outright depend on for social interaction. It is depended on for business to thrive, and in some cases, for illegal sharing and theft of content. Your own reflection is not just being  viewed in the mirror by yourself. Your social media platforms could mean everyone you know or pretend to know are the ones really looking back at you. From behind the walls of an invasive program like Facebook, millions of users willfully put themselves out there for all to see. It can turn life into a solid unmovable steel object. Social media burnout is becoming more real.

The technical paradise can be found on the other side of the wall. If you are depending too much on technology, and forgetting yourself in the process. Bring down that wall. Embrace less in order to live more.

Love is automatic pleasure
Virtual reality
Terminal hate – It’s a calculation
Send in the child for connection

Take a look at the toys around you
Right before your eyes
The toys are real

Love being automatic pleasure could become a reality. There are some stories emerging of companies investing in artificial companions capable of everything humans are. Robots are already programmed for hate as weaponry.

Midnight confessions
Never heal the soul
What you believe is fantasy

Your past is your future
Left behind
Lost in time
Will you surrender?

How many people spend their last hours of the day on the phones and devices? Social media for some, offers a glimpse into reality of a life that one might only fantasize about. It prompts some people to take snippets of their past and punt them into the future with new twists on old tales. So many people find themselves surrendering to the temptation of pumping themselves up to be something they are not. It is a side of communications in this day and age with dark clouds over it.

Waiting for the revolution
Program the brain
Not the heartbeat

Deliver us to evil
Deny us of our faith
Robotic hearts bleed poison
On the world we populate

Virtual existence
With a superhuman mind
The ultimate creation
Destroyer of mankind

Termination of our youth
For we do not compute

We are constantly waiting on the next technological revolution. The next thing to bring the world closer together. Some are looking for the next weapon that can be programmed to bleed poison and cause suffering. Anything that can cause a revolution to reality is worshiped with amazement and wonder. Society needs to use its’ best and brightest to have technological advances be for the benefit of everyone. “Computer God” speaks of humanity needing to get control of itself before technology takes over every aspect of existence.

Before it takes on a life of its’ own.


“Computer God” was written by Tony Iommi, Geezer Butler and Ronnie James Dio.  No copyright infringement is intended in posting the lyrics to this page. 



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