Minimalism, a great gift to yourself.


Keep it as simple as you want, as simple as you need.

Within hours of walking off an airplane from a much warmer climate, we had to brave the craziness of a Costco. It was because we needed things. There was minimal food in the house.

We filled up on things we needed. The front of Costco was loaded up with gift ideas. People were asking the company with them questions like “Do you think so and so will like that?”.

Many of those gifts are going to people who likely do not need them.

Once this day is over and you have a chance to recover, take a look around where you live. Look at what you have and ask yourself if you need all of what you have. If you come to the realization that you could stand to clear some things out, make that a gift to yourself. Embrace more of life by having less stuff. Being able to clear out physical clutter can result in a clearance of emotional clutter.  Some of that physical clutter can go to places and people who really need it.

Adopting a less-is-more approach to everyday living can be one of the greatest gifts you could give yourself. You will see clarity among the chaos.

Consider it. Look at it. Then live it. 





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