Letter Writing

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It was something that kids today might consider to be out of the dark ages. At my desk I typed out an actual letter to be mailed. It was a moment where I took a step back and refreshed myself on communication. A self-taught course on completeness in correspondence. The scenario was simple. The letter was addressed to a major casual dining chain in the country to commend them on something related to how they worked to accommodate me as a consumer of a plant-based diet. It was an exceptional service experience that deserved the patient treatment of printed paper and a postage stamp.

We live in an era where people want instant answers to their questions and complaints. In many of those moments we need those answers as quickly as possible. In moments of care and concern that might affect someones’ health and well-being, or after a very poor service experience, alerts need to be raised on those moments at the earliest possible opportunity. Social media has been a gift to those who use it properly. It can be a nightmare for companies who are in constant public relations defence mode when any abuse happens. Complaints are out there for all passengers of the information highway to see.

Few people actually take time to offer compliments and general comments. The occasional return to basic writing requirements found in correspondence provide a great chance to really think out what needs to be written. Businesses so rarely see letters mailed to them anymore. So receipt of any mailed correspondence may get their attention. It is viewed as an investment of time where a piece of paper may help them improve what they are doing. It provides an already printed record of communication between customer and company.

The next time you have an experience where a business is deserving of your compliments (or if its’ not urgent, complaint), invest some minutes into crafting a well-written letter and drop it in the post. Use the time to communicate clearly as a customer/client.

Hopefully, the results will be positive. 



One thought on “Letter Writing

  1. I do send compliments to corporate headquarters. I figure that, if I’m going to complain to corporate about a bad experience, I need to also let corporate know about a good experience. I had never considered the impact that an actual letter would have, but I will in the future. Thank you!

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