Social Media Slim-Down

Social Media

“Everyone is annoyed. Because everyone appears annoying.”

This was a recent summary of someone who holds a few social media platforms right in the palm of their hands. We all have someone in our life who is oversharing on one social media platform. Maybe that is on more than one. People have become their own social media managers. It makes complete sense that supposed “people of interest” employ social media managers. The same for businesses with any sort of reach.

Businesses rightfully make themselves available on multiple social media platforms. They will follow what is trending and where people are getting their information. A quick bit of research reveals that Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are the top three hubs of social media hullabaloo.

What about your personal social media? Does it really need to depend on what you do for a living? Or if you are one of those real artists that have a day job? Or if your art is your day job? Does it really matter?

In my view, it should not. This comment comes with a caveat. If you are an artist and truly see higher numbers as a result of multiple platforms, then use them all if you have time to manage them. I see no real value in having multiple platforms. I’ve made loud my increasing disdain for Facebook for an increasing number of reasons. It has been a few years since I left it for the better. I’m down to a single platform. Twitter has its’ issues, but it has become something I’ve found easy to curate so I read what I really want to read.

If people are becoming annoyed because of other people, there is a solution.I’m encouraging everyone to really take a look at their social media use. Consider lightening the amount you have and turn that energy into self-care. If you are a business dependent on multiple platforms, look at hiring someone to manage your feeds. Your energy is better spent on running you business.

I’m working to slim-down my own use out of necessity and self-awareness. I don’t want to turn into someone who is glued to my feed constantly. There is lots of work to do. Time is better spent investing in creating. I have no desire to read about a persons’ everyday life and movements.





One thought on “Social Media Slim-Down

  1. I use Twitter primarily, although I recently created an IG account to follow my sister. And Pinterest is just my digital filing cabinet. I have better things to do with my time than fool with the book of face, Reddit, etc. I’m just glad to see others feel the same way😍

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