druits and vegetabliz

In September of last year, I moved to a plant-based diet. Given the benefits I see in a short period of time, going back to a diet with animal products can never be an option.

My story is one of many. This month there are sure to be more testimonials emerging from those who pledged to trying a plant-based diet for January. Many have signed up. Hopefully more will just keep on rolling into February, March, April, and beyond.

For those who think they could never give up cheese, or meat, I was once like you. In my teens when I first learned about going vegetarian I laughed it off. My diet was something just short of ridiculous. Every week I heard from someone who says “I could never give up (insert animal-based product here).

Yes you can. It can take time. Still, you can.  

Most of us heard from a young age that fruits and vegetables were good for us. It was not a joke or a fairy-tale to be dismissed. It was absolute truth. Some of us did not believe it because veggies on a plate are still disgusting to many kids. They were for me. There were few things I liked at all that were of the vegetable, legumes or grain persuasion. Hell, having peppers on a pizza loaded with fat counted as a major serving! My folks grew up having vegetables however they never really understood that there were better ways to prep them. This is something they don’t need to be faulted for.

If you have Netflix, take a look at What The Health and see for yourself. It’s not a film containing traumatizing footage of animal slaughter. It is real professionals talking about evidence-based science on the realities of plant-based diets. It’s January 20th as I write and publish this. You can still pledge to be part of Veganuary. Take it the rest of the month and keep going.

Or, you could start with small steps. Try a Meatless Monday. My transition to a plant-based diet started with this and progressed over many months. There are plenty of resources available online with great recipes and information. Know that this is a path worthy of travelling.

It can change your life. 



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