An Open Letter To The Animal Rescue Community.

To all animal rescue shelters and organizations. I write to you with a message of common sense. A request for reason and common sense to come through. Raising funds for what you do is no easy task. There is little doubt that everyone involved is doing all they can. You deserve thanks for the hard […]


The Jazz of Gary Burton

A sample of records from my collection, connected to Gary Burton Almost any time that the sounds of jazz are spinning on my turntable, Gary Burton can be heard commanding the vibraphone. In my high school days I discovered some incredible Montreal Jazz Festival concert footage of the great vibraphonists. Milt Jackson and his work […]

I’ll Be Honest With You

I’ll be honest with you. If I am being honest. Which I am. There are few things about communication that I find difficult to read. When we are reading, we expect our content to be factual and true, with few exceptions. Writing or saying “I’ll be honest with you” is completely unnecessary. It takes the […]