The Jazz of Gary Burton

burton sample

A sample of records from my collection, connected to Gary Burton

Almost any time that the sounds of jazz are spinning on my turntable, Gary Burton can be heard commanding the vibraphone. In my high school days I discovered some incredible Montreal Jazz Festival concert footage of the great vibraphonists. Milt Jackson and his work as part of Modern Jazz Quartet, Lionel Hampton with his orchestra, and Gary Burton’s groups and duet performances with Chick Corea.

Through reading Bass Player Magazine, I learned of great names which would become influences of my own. One of the reasons I own copies of some of his work is because he recorded with Steve Swallow and Eberhard Weber. Both are two of the most distinctive solo voices of the bass. Since seeing those older concerts I made a point to include buying the records when I started to build the collection.

It was just recent that I learned of Gary’s retirement from performing music last year. He explains it perfectly in this YouTube clip courtesy of Jazz night in America.

Jazz has always been a helpful form of meditation for me. Through Gary’s work I’ve discovered dozens more music that is often my background in the home office while writing and reading. I’m grateful for Gary’s contribution to music and for helping me broaden my ears to more enjoyable listening experiences.




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