Opera – Classical Music Ruined With Singing

opera terrible

A night at the opera. For many this would be a great pleasure. For myself it would be the equivalent of a dental drill in my skull minus the anesthetic.  

One day I will go and attend one live just because my other half enjoys it. There is something so painful about hearing those kinds of vocals that I find it unbearable. To those closest to me this is exceptionally funny given my passion for heavy metal in its’ heaviest possible forms.

Classical music is something I’ve always appreciated. As a kid taking piano lessons, my brother and I would often ask our teacher to play a Beethoven piece because we enjoyed hearing it. Over my life I’ve really come to appreciate classical music from a myriad of great composers.

I could not count the number of times the radio dial would be on CBC where the sounds emanating through the speakers would be the start of a great passage of chamber music. Then the very second an operatic vocal would start I would rapid-fire flip channels. When opera would come up in conversation, my comment has always been:

“Opera is Classical Music ruined by singing”

Usually it draws a laugh or a comment about the cleverness of my dialogue. My follow-up is to point out that I respect the talent it takes to sing that way. It is to be respected. It is absolutely unbearable to my reasonably critical hearing and thinking. It’s almost the opposite way people might think of heavy metal. I could take hours of grindcore and death metal vocals over ten seconds of opera any day of the week.

I’ll take the dentist drill over opera. Less cringe-worthy…..


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2 thoughts on “Opera – Classical Music Ruined With Singing

  1. There are only 2 ways I’ve ever been able to listen to opera and like it

    “The Fifth Element”, the diva Pava Laguna’s performance


    Zucchero with Pavarotti, “Miserere”

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