Writing With “E’s”


Several people have been exceptionally kind and complimentary in many of my “shop-talk” posts. A colleague with several decades of experience as a trial lawyer recently suggested that I could teach a writing class. Incidentally, it was the words of a late Manitoba Judge who explained that in speaking to people you might be able to hold their interest for no more than twenty minutes.

I agree. It’s easier to work on holding people’s interests for longer via reading. “Shop Talk” is something I very much enjoy with colleagues and friends in this business. You learn so much from so many. I’m fortunate to enjoy a positive rapport with all of my colleagues who work in words. Whenever possible I have made a point to share information with newer writers or veterans who are looking for additional information that may inspire something in them.

I’ve often written about how revising is one of the most enjoyable things about the process. Looking things over, seeing if what is there works. Making what works better. It is genuine fun with an occasional spritz of frustration mixed in.

Over the coming weeks, I’m happy to introduce and publish here a series of short shop talk posts which will be called “Writing With E’s”. The purpose will be to share some views on the editing process with a few points that may provoke positive change in how writers may look at their work. We will look at “Editing” and some of the sub-processes that are part of it. Comments and questions will be welcome. The goal is to”Educate” and ever “Entertain”. To give readers interested in some shop-talk to pull up a chair, pour a beverage, read on, and respond if you so choose. Posts will appear on Mondaays every few weeks as my scheduling permits.

Stay tuned, and “Enjoy”


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