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The recent scandal involving Facebook and Cambridge Analytica has rightly angered millions. Accounts have been deleted. Tesla’s Elon Musk deleted his personal and company pages from Facebook. It probably turned the already red flags into a darker tone of red yet to be named.

In the freelance business, many have assignments that involve managing content on multiple social media platforms. Even after the scandals, Facebook still has the widest social media reach compared to other platforms. The Facebook-owned Instagram’s popularity is on the rise. (Note: I think Instagram is just ridiculous, as most of the posts are people apologizing for not having posted “in a while”, this is known as “throat clearing”).

As a freelancer, I do not want to necessarily limit my opportunities. However, there has to be exceptions. I would never write content that promotes anything against my own personal ethics. Those ethics extend over to use of Facebook or Instagram. Let me clarify. I’m happy to write-up suggested posts for potential clients to use. However, I refuse to log on to the platform to complete the work. That can be left to the client directly.

If a client wants to use Facebook it is something to be understood and accepted It’s reach is undeniable. The potential to turn that kind of social media traffic into profitable business is there for almost everyone.


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