Writing With “E’s” Part 1 – Evaluation.

notebook open blank

The page or screen has something on it. The blank space is filled with something. It may be completed, or a work in progress.

Editing by definition is evaluation. The process begins with looking over what you have. It’s a look over as to how and if what is written could be improved. Freelancers know that evaluation must factor in a combination of the skills they bring to an assignment while keeping in mind client requests. It is too easy to be at the start of the editing process on an assignment for someone and not let everything in the skill set dominate the product.

What if the words you see are for your own use? For your readers? Editing starts as evaluation before proceeding into other sub-categorical requirements of work.

I encourage you to think about the series title of “Writing With “E’s”. You probably can easily figure out where the upcoming blog posts will go from here. Think about editing as the start of evaluation and where we might go from here. 


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