Writing With “E’s” Part 2. Engage, Educate and Entertain.


The editing process is underway. Revising is revisiting. Looking at the page and screen, you are looking to ensure that the end result of the work is satisfactory. Be it to you, or your clients if working an assignment.

The questions I ask myself in the editing process while going through any spelling or grammar concerns;

1. Does the writing have the best possible potential to engage the reader?

2. Is the writing educational? 

3. Is the work entertaining?

You want the writing to engage the person reading it. The point is to get the reader rolling on to the next sentence. Then the next, and the next, all the way to the end.

For the writing to be educational, you need to determine if you are providing the information succinctly and accurately. In a world of increasing “fake news”, accuracy is paramount. If you are working in fiction, educationally you want to paint the best story possible for the reader. The best fiction writers engage, educate and entertain within the same breaths of words.

These are only just three possibilities to consider when part of the editing process. For my own work this thinking continues to serve me well in the business. Everyone has their own way of approach. Continue to use what works best for you.

In Part 3, we will look at closing off the editing process. How to walk away from something and the necessity of self-critique.

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