Green Gables, Cavendish Prince Edward Island

green gables pic


Contractors and tradespeople are hard at work on another expansion at Green Gables in Cavendish Prince Edward Island. A larger visitor centre, expanded areas for parking, these are just some of the things in the works.

I remember visiting this historic property in the 1980’s and 90’s. Tourists attended the place in droves. We learned in grade school social studies and english literature the importance of this house. L.M. Montgomery’s beloved books still remain part of the Japanese school curriculum. Seeing tourists from Japan get off their buses and cry tears of pure joy at being in the land of Anne. Those images are forever developed memories, easily recalled.

The photo you see here which I grabbed from Pinterest reflects a modern change the property went through not so long ago. A previous renovation project involved the construction of a replica barn (seen in pic) which detailed the style of barns these farm properties had “back then”.

I understand why more room must be made to accommodate the growing number of tourists visiting the property. There were times that one would drive by the area and vehicles were lined up out on the roads. It makes sense that a visitor centre is going to make up part of the experience. It gives people more information that they might not otherwise obtain strolling through the house.

The house and surrounding gardens were all that we saw back in the 80’s and 90’s. It was all that was and all that is still needed. It was disappointing to see the changes in the house. Drywall was put in along with bright shiny coats of pain that glossed over the historic home’s once magnificent interior.

The surroundings were simple and straight-forward. For readers of the Anne of Green Gables Books, it prompted them to apply the home surroundings to scenes in the stories. Montgomery’s works and life are an important part of the literary quilt woven in Canada. This house is a vital representation of her most treasured work.

It should have been maintained the way it was with minimal changes to reflect upkeep and proper restoration.





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