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Remember these things? I owned one until recently!

Some of my earliest memories as a kid involved reading books. A TON of them. Many of those first books were follow along to records. Great stories. We would play these records on a Mickey Mouse Record player. The records were worn out and the player eventually broke. It was an excellent way to get kids to read. Somewhere, somebody still owns a set or two of those books which are now valuable collector’s items.

Books on record evolved to books on tape and books on CD. We now commonly refer to these as audiobooks. Anyone with an iTunes or Audible subscription can find versions of many books conveniently available in a digital file. The books are a peaceful way to “read” in the dark, make your commute easier, and your gym workout interesting. As of this writing my current audiobook is Dr. Michael Greger’s How Not to Die. Within a few minutes of reading it I knew it was going to be the only audiobook I will listen to for some time. The information is helpful and inspiring. It’s a giant validation of having moved to a plant-based diet.

I’ve “read” more audiobooks in the last year than printed books. Admittedly, I’ve neglected two books at my night table that I was anxious to get. I’m very much overdue for a marathon reading session of my print books.

In the meantime, an audiobook on my audio device of choice is still a solid way to read.






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