A&W Introduces Beyond Meat Burger to their Canadian Restaurants.

A and w

I’ve enjoyed a Beyond Meat Burger during my time in Florida last year. Look forward to enjoying it again here in the home country.

It has been turning up in Canada slowly at a few places that are striving to offer more plant-based options. In a bold move, A&W Canada today introduced the Beyond Meat Burger to all of their Canadian outlets. Posters are up and employees are wearing shirts that form part of the advertising campaign. The chain has been largely forgotten about over the last several years while others kept busy fighting the coffee and breakfast wars. A&W has brilliantly set the stage to welcome a growing number of consumers looking for more ethical and health-driven options.

My fellow vegans have correctly pointed out that the Beyond Meat Burgers will still be grilled on the same surfaces that used to prepare A&W’s trademark burger family. In due time, it would be beneficial for them to consider a separate surface for grilling these revolutionary burgers.

Note: Apparently Harvey’s was the first major fast-food burger chain in Canada to introduce a plant-based burger option to their menu.  While it is okay product, the Beyond Meat Burger is beyond comparison. I could easily eat the Grandpa Burger equivalent…if A&W were to make one.  

The absolute healthiest option still is to find a recipe for a plant-based burger you can prep at home. A&W has taken a step in the right direction bringing a much healthier option to the standard unhealthy fast-food menu.

Pass me a diet root beer…..

Note: Drink water. It’s better for you and does not need a diet version.




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