The Great Emoji Debate

emoji shot

It was fun for a while. Having these funny looking displays on the phone. They are still there. If I ever have to bring them up on my screen, it’s so I can scroll to the symbols I use. In a short period of time, the commonly used emojis are being replaced with those symbols. Those symbols are musically related for the moments I’m inspired to post a parody song lyric to Twitter. The intent is to show I’m “singing” the words.

Increased use of the emoji has been helpful overall. People who might not otherwise be writers have found an easy way to express emotion via text message. As someone who works with words, I’ve realized a major negative impact on the way messages are communicated. My preference is to communicate emotions with actual words. Emojis are slowly devaluing content, and devaluing communication. Writers especially should be taking note of this. It may be time to engage a review of how you communicate via text or email.

If someone texts me good news. Instead of a smiley face emoji, my response could be “congratulations!”

If someone is feeling sick, I would much prefer they tell me they are feeling ill instead of using the popular barfing face emoji.

It’s that easy. The words mean more than the faces. So I challenge all readers to use emojis less in your text and email communications. Convey your message with words. That connection will register more in the mind of the message receiver.



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