“Practice is not performance” – Jeff Berlin This wonderful quote from one of my favourite bassists is worth keeping close. Regardless of what you might do, practice is important upkeep. In many professions, many art forms, practice is development. It is constant development in order to improve performance. Keep going. Keep practicing. @WriterDann

Airing of Grievances

Finding fault within yourself can occasionally result in positive changes. Let’s look at an approach that may be helpful. Frustration builds. How you deal with it can make all the difference in the end results of actions. I’ve written here often about writing things out as a form of self-therapy. It works for some people. […]

One Year a Vegan

One year later, why would I even think of going back? One year ago, my moment happened. The best wake-up call I ever answered. I grieved hard. I mourned the animals whose lives are lost every day. I mourned the sheer ignorance and general acceptance of the world around me. The ignorance of how most […]

Politically Correct

I’m not a Conservative. Although I once was. Then I realized most conservatives actually don’t believe in true conservation. So I quit.  I’m not a Liberal. I’m not a Socialist. I’m my own thoughts. My own ideas. My own passions. I belong to NO political party. NO colour of a political stripe. The best ideas […]