One Year a Vegan

fruits and veggies

One year later, why would I even think of going back?

One year ago, my moment happened. The best wake-up call I ever answered. I grieved hard. I mourned the animals whose lives are lost every day. I mourned the sheer ignorance and general acceptance of the world around me. The ignorance of how most people see animal agriculture practices as normal. The acceptance of how animals are solely bred as food, with no regard for their feelings.

Animals feel pain. They feel all emotion. They are sentient. 

The majority of people have told me they could never give up meat, fish or dairy. “It’s too difficult”. “What about protein?” These are just some of the things I hear every week.

It’s actually easier than people may realize. The grocery bill in our household is substantially less than it was previously. As for protein, animals get that protein through eating PLANTS. So, if you eat more plants, you can get that same amount of protein, if not more. Concerned about iron intake? There are plenty of plant-based foods that are loaded with iron. I’m advised that plant-based iron is substantially better anyways. Iron from animal products (heme iron which comes from blood) is not something that humans should be consuming.

The changes in my physical and mental health are remarkable, and continue to evolve.

This is not meant to substitute for medical advice. This is based on my own personal experience and in consultation with my own healthcare practitioners. I’m very fortunate to have supportive people who encourage me to keep up this way of life.

So for the animals and for better health, I encourage everyone to give this serious thought. It is never too late to take control and improve your life in an enriching way.





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